How to have fun bonding and transforming conflict while exploring the sex-positive culture of our primate cousins!



The Bonobo behaviour workshops have taught me to capture and highlight the inter-play between us and them.  As human’s we get to see how to live as Bonobos'. We learn group compassion, re-learn play, bond, groom and understand why sex and touch is a tool to keep the peace. Though this work I would like us to see beyond our mono-species experience by discovering the bonobo, and uncover a past that is just under the surface but been forgotten.

Unlike Chimps and Humans, Bonobos live without war, murder, rape and infanticide. The females govern with wisdom, not brute force. I believe we are living out of balance and a Bonobo outlook may go some way to helping us look at ourselves.

What we offer

Our Workshops and Retreats offers a rare journey into the world of the Bonobo, as a way to get closer to Humans. This is a space to gently explore what it is to live more like these loving peaceful apes. In this shared experience, gain a unique insight into Bonobo group compassion, open love and touch activism. 


Our aim is to promote a culture of kindness and compassion. A place to share our dreams and fears, desires and longing. By taking a leaf out of the Bonobos' book, we can begin being playfully creative.

This is an opportunity to involve yourself in an truly immersive experience. With our gentle guidance you will face new avenues of enquiry. At times you my feel ready to step into new territory and sometimes you may choose to sit back and relax. We are here to show you paths you may want to go down, whilst at the same time we are here to hold the space for you to process. Everything we do at Bonobohouse is consensual and everybody has agency over there experience.

You will discover and connect to Bonobo wisdom and social intelligence. You will be welcomed into a new reality, a world of compassion, togetherness and peace. Through a series of activities focused on loving playfulness and Bonobo wisdom, you will become articulate in navigating this forgotten world.






The Monkeyfesto

A Co-creative partnership with Bonobos

Bonobos want to bring some much needed love to a world ruled by Human's Chimpanzees, the Bonobo world that of which is hidden within the Southern Congo is wanting to flow through us Humans. Our cousins the Bonobos are in trouble and need our help, what i've learn’t is that I want to translate their non-violent cooperative culture to the naked ape (us).

They have insisted that there is a need to manifest  Bonobo culture through us. This is to redress the Chimp vision that is so prevalent with in Human culture. The culture of patriarchy and megalomania is destroying the community of life on this planet and the Bonobos' want to help us heal through non-violent conflict resolution, sharing and play. Bonobos' are gifting us this. However in return for this help they need us the help them.




Dearest Bonobo - The pictures you sent were great — reminders of our wonderful time together. I’m glad to hear that your work is growing and moving. You are so gifted, you have a wonderful sense of erotic connection and joyful play ...
We Adopted a Bonobo
That’s awesome!!! Had a great time!
Thank you for what you do to make
this world a better place for humans and animals alike! Anna

Bonobo Woodland will be guiding us on a consciousness-altering journey in which we literally return back to the womb and allow ourselves to be re-born, with an openess to play, pleasure, and fun.

This is a open group experience (as if in the jungle) using bonobo culture as our guide. Take this rare opportunity to develop the awareness of bonobo tribe and connection through touch whilst being in human-hood. This event is not exclusively about sexual connection (though it's welcome here!), but more-so about tapping into our deepest essence of pure PLAY within a tribe who absolve all potential for disharmony through PLEASURE! We'll be using playful movements, gestures, sounds, laughter, art, massage, food, forest games, nest building to incite full-body pleasure!  

In order for us to start helping I have developed a way in which we can step into the Bonobos' and embody them, so we can utilise there knowledge.  Once we have left our human-ness behind we start to bond and engage with the Bonobos' around us. This is a really powerful way to experience life through their eyes. During The Bonobo Experience, there will be time to groom and feed and play and romp, there will be ways to develop our bonobo voice.

There will be time to engage and learn from each other in this new yet ancient way. We shall see beyond our ideas around sexuality, we shall share and work through stress and conflict, using games and role-play, pleasuring and sexual playful-ness. By using physical connection we'll explore new modes of communication. Bonobos' say that play is the most important aspect of their lives. They say that they are always playing and play right up till the end.

So in order for us to develop as a species, Bonobos' are going to teach us stuff like sharing. Sharing life, sex, food and play. This can be as much our culture as it is there's, so let's start seeing life through their eyes.

The vision is to run The Bonobo Experience to strengthen our capacity to be social.

It will have an personal aspect whilst exploping group sexuality and dynamics. Rather it will be personal development that will be based in group development.





Giving back

Through our pleasure we can learn new ways to exist whilst rising fund to save and adopt our orphan Baby Bonobos cousins. This can be a wonderful win win for all of us. We shall get pleasure and experience compassion for others by learning their way of living and by learning how to bond and cooperate as a group. During the retreat there will be a strong emphasis on supporting bonobos'. Though these workshops funds will be released that shall contribute to the La Yola Bonobo sanctuary in the Congo.

This model was inspired by Fuck for forest, the Berlin based group who do eco porn, which raises money for rainforests.

The Bonobos' that are adopted will be embodied in-spirit and be part of the dynamics or the group. Role-play shall enable us to embody various individual qualities of our adopted Brothers and Sisters.



we evoke mother bonobo and go through the birthing Process. Once we have left our human-ness behind we start to bond and engage with the other baby Bonobos around us.

“Dear Jason

It was such an ingenious moment when you tried out “bonobo technique” facing stress and insecurity through nipple caressing and it worked marvelously. And it is something I can use by myself in times of need. Coming from there I tried it out at home again and it helped to even develop on it further. Because then I thought I could try bonobo style: a masturbation-quicky.

I remembered that the fire breath could speed things up: so I tried that in combination with shifting rapidly through various kinds of touches from the g-area to the clit back and fort (for once very goal oriented, but also in the exploratory mode): And it worked!! (A part for the discovery and the intensity of the pleasure) I was bursting out loudly laughing holding my belly. That was after the session, but it feels very related to todays session – and I feel “back again” in my body, finally.

Thank you so much for today and the bonobo-wisdom.
Have a nice evening, Sandra
Hi Jason,
Thanks for a great event.
I had a fabulous time and loved
how you ran the event.
Please keep me posted if you
ever are in the area again.
Much love,


This training will include consensual touch, and may include sexual contact. there will be semi-nudity and or nudity.

Proceeds from this workshop will be used to adopt Bonobos via

FRIENDS OF BONOBOS which provide much needed care and protection for our closest relatives.


Pleasure = Social energy = saving Bonobos = Bonobo Pleasure=

Special Events & Private Parties


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