What is Sexological Bodywork?

Throughout our training as Sexological Bodyworkers we are taught how to skillfully accompany our clients on their journey towards sexual fulfilment. We work with all members of society, irrespective of sexual orientation, gender and ability, in a space of non-judgment and acceptance. 


Our interest is in helping people learn about what their body is asking of them, and how they can listen to it. Unlike sex therapists, we are in physical contact with our clients whilst helping them to address their needs. This can be in the form of genital massage, breath work or erotic meditation, and is always guided by open verbal communication.

It is very important for the client to be aware that they themselves are in control. It is them who guide me as their Sexological Bodyworker, which in turn enables me to use my Sexological Bodywork skills effectively. A mutual sense of clarity about what is being worked on creates a safe and caring working relationship.

It is my goal as a Sexological Bodyworker to develop a caring and trusting environment. This supportive and encouraging atmosphere opens a space for exploration whilst safely dealing with any challenges that may arise. Through this cultivation of a safe space, clients can expect to discover new dimensions of erotic learning.

Our belief is that once connected to the body, fears of past and future fall away. In this space, which we call embodiment, we can tap into our own inner wisdom and the vastness of our being.



Who is it for?

There are many reasons for wanting to consult a Sexological Bodyworker:

- Any individual or couple who feels there could be more to their erotic experience, who wants to get beyond a certain routine, discover something new, or simply deepen and strengthen their sexual relationship with themselves and/or each other.

- Orgasmic difficulties.

- Sexual anxiety, difficulties to relax sexually.

- Erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.

- Scar tissue remediation, e.g. following an operation, child birth or sex reassignment surgery.

- Trans* people of all definitions, looking for a respectful, relaxed and fun environment to discover a new embodiment throughout their journey.

- Pelvic tensions/aches/cramps.

- Anal pleasure and health.

- Issues relating to shame / anal shame.

- Body dysmorphic disorder and sexual problems relating to self image.

- Sexual trauma / abuse issues (complementary to psychotherapy).

- Anyone wanting to explore different sexual techniques in a safe and laid-back learning environment (e.g. varied masturbation techniques, vaginal / anal fisting etc.).

Please note that Sexological Bodywork is one-way touch by definition: The Sexological Bodyworker will remain dressed throughout the session and is not touched in return by his clients.

Certified Sexological Bodyworkers are trained sexologists whose certification is approved by the State of California and the National Institute of Sexological Bodywork Switzerland.

Jason Hall

07708 236860

Dear Jason

It was such an ingenious moment when you tried out “bonobo technique” facing stress and insecurity through nipple caressing and it worked marvelously. And it is something I can use by myself in times of need. Coming from there I tried it out at home again and it helped to even develop on it further. Because then I thought I could try bonobo style: a masturbation-quicky.

I remembered that the fire breath could speed things up: so I tried that in combination with shifting rapidly through various kinds of touches from the g-area to the clit back and fort (for once very goal oriented, but also in the exploratory mode): And it worked!! (A part for the discovery and the intensity of the pleasure) I was bursting out loudly laughing holding my belly. That was after the session, but it feels very related to todays session – and I feel “back again” in my body, finally.

Thank you so much for today and the bonobo-wisdom.
Have a nice evening, Sandra

Dear Jason, Thank you so much for my session last week. I was expecting to feel relief from the tension and overwhelm I had been experiencing, and to feel more alive in my body and my vulva. What I got was so much more, and it unfolded in the days after I got off the table. The massage I received, particularly of my womb area, transported me to a different time and place, and awakened me to my intrinsic power and Goddess nature. I walked away feeling magical, strong and confident. Over the course of the next few days, I saw that manifested in my relationships, and my work life. I got out of overwhelm and victimization around some issues in my life, and was able to make clean amends to some people for things I had done that were contributing to conflict. I moved into a state of grace and serenity. Thank you for being compassionate, generous, intuitive, authentic and playful and bringing out the best in me. With Love, Rebekah, North Carolina.
I came to my first session not knowing what to expect, I felt instantly relaxed by the environment, had a short chat but pretty much got to the point quickly about what I was looking for and covered everything needed to start the hands on stuff.

Without breaking it up into to much detail the hands on time was both exciting and relaxing at the same time and I felt physical and mental sensations I hadn’t felt before, plus I learnt things about myself I never knew before like how my own skin likes to be touched.

The 15 mins rest time at the end was a big surprise. Is was like being in a state somewhere between sleep and awake and very very relaxing. The whole experience has left me wanting to explore more in the future, thanks again.

Richard, Brighton
It was a delight to experience the electrical hum sensation around my ears for the first time. I loved the free laughter that followed and your laughter too, I accessed a space of child like joy and awe. I also enjoyed your touch, at times playful and fun.
I would like to explore more controlled/dominant touch if that is appropriate with further exploration of the mouth. It would be another opportunity for me to experience touch as a receiver with the intention to submit to the touch with minimal head space.

Paul, London
Jason was very clear and good at explaining the wide scope of sexological bodywork available for my session.

I was interested to learn more about the possibilities, particularly outside the realm of direct genital touch or erotic bodywork. I was curious how else it could help me on my personal journey.

When Jason arrived I was in a vulnerable place emotionally and he allowed me to feel safe and with attentive listening and questions helped me get clearer on what it is I wanted, and where I am and to find a goal.

I got quite emotional talking about my sexual journey and realised I’d never expressed some of the things before. This in itself was healing. Jason helped me to identify that although I’ve broken a lot of sexual barriers and explored quite deeply and removed a lot of shame around sexuality with others, I felt as though I missed out on building a good and loving conneciton with my own sexuality.

I have been wanting to develop a practice of self love and self pleasure, but more fundamental to that just being able to touch and to feel my own authentic desires and not other peoples.

He helped me find a goal and we agreed to stay within the boundary of my wearing clothes and being touched through clothes. This helped me feel really safe and able to heal.

I felt Jason combined his training and experience with creative and intuitive ideas of his own which fitted my needs perfectly. I am very senstitive to touch and energy, and found his touch simply beautiful and therapeutic. Totally present with me but also giving me enough space to feel my own energy. I felt very much like we worked together to get my goal - I felt supported and held and although it was simple on the outside what we did went very deep into me. We reached my goal and I was very grateful.

I am glad Jason was able to listen and tune in to my particular needs. I believe he is a safe and healing practitioner which is so important for this work. He was really good about offering follow up sessions and a sense of ongoing exploration.

Anonymous, London
IrisMassage web 1.jpg
IrisMassage web.jpg
Initially Jason sat down and clearly explained what Sexological Bodywork was all about, he answered my questions and made me feel at ease.

We set the intention that I would just receive pleasurable touch without having to give anything in return. As a pro domme I give a lot and find it difficult to receive without feeling guilty about it. I also find it difficult to let go of things like keeping track of time and holding the space, so it felt like a big thing to chose to give this up to someone else.

We began with a very pleasurable massage, Jason had made it clear that whilst I was receiving I was in control of what I received, and could ask for adjustments to his touch in whichever way I wanted. I was also to chose when I was to turn over onto my front.

I felt very comfortable asking for what kind of touch I wanted and when I wanted to turn over. Mostly Jason seemed to intuitively know what I wanted a lot of the time and often was doing exactly the right thing. On the front there were more details to the touch that I did and did not want and I was very comfortable to guide Jason as to exactly what that was, all of which he followed perfectly.

This ended up being a wonderfully fun, sexy, relaxing session where I could experience simply letting go and receiving exactly what I wanted, how I wanted and for as long as I wanted (trusting that Jason was keeping tabs on time etc). It was so valuable to me to be able to just take knowing nothing was expected of me, knowing that Jason would respect my boundaries and that he would also keep his clear.

Claire, London
Jason offered examples of things that we could work on, whilst giving me the space to open up and explore the possibilities. He said we would always be connected in communication. Because of this I felt in control and could direct the session which is very important for me.

You gave me time to talk about what I wanted to focus on, and asked me open questions so that I could explore and understand the direction I wanted to head in. When I was not sure how to explore what I wanted to work on, you gave me several options to choose from as well as leaving it open for me to choose. This was great, you made me feel comfortable enough to be able to ask questions and say if I was not comfortable with any of the options. You remained sensitive to my needs and reflected back to me what i had said.

A key learning for me was how different this experience was, usually when I have a sexual experience it is always based on performing and pleasing others instead of letting go and going with the experience. I felt I was able to let go and allow myself to move deeply within. This was quite a profound experience for me.

As I went deeper I really relaxed into the sensation of my body, the breathing helped my spirit feel much more connected and whole. It was a very complete sensuous experience, I usually find the sexual energy focuses just around my genitals.

The session ended beautifully with Jason connecting one hand to my genitals and the other to my heart, it was perfect, such a meaningful symbol for dirction of the session.

The overall experience was so much deeper and profound then I thought it would be. I quickly felt safe and relaxed with Jason. The relaxed and clear communication aided this, he was confident in his actions and I felt he really listen to what wanted and what my body communicated. I am so grateful for the session and really looking forward to the next one, I found the experience very healing. Thanks Jason.

Chris, Brighton
I have done bodywork before, but it was my first time doing a sexological bodywork session. So really didn’t know what my intentions would be and it is also very difficult to put into words what was felt bodily. From emotional state I was shifting from giggling and smiling (having fun and enjoying how my body reacts to and interacts with various kinds of touches, some of which felt like great conversations and sometimes like good jokes), to wondering and discovering (specially when you were doing the mapping in the vagina on the sides and realizing newly felt body connections), to being chilled, relaxed and energized at the same time. Sometimes also encountering unrelaxed spots, acknowledging them, giving them a chance to just be there, which mostly let them fade away.

Sandra, Zurich