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The landscape of year two


 This slide is a map which I’m going to reference again and again. This will tighten up my project and keep me on track.

Moving through process

From one session to the next I feel I am finding a way to converse with this Earth. I want to explore and celibate it, which is why it was hard to produce the glaze. These toxic minerals  and chemicals are killing the material they are representing. The next stage is finding ecoceramics products. 

An inspiration

This book has enabled me to reconsider my community and the share philosophy. It’s very easy to get selfish in a world that promotes it as an asset.





A reflection on learning

As I am doing my learning log I have noticed how frustrated and elated I get when I am confronted with a tech issues and when I solve it. I was in a dilemma around where to blog. My blog arts became a monster and now i'm using my Bonobo sites blog. I am inspired to blog about this process because in getting geeky about the blog. I am moving through a lot of barriers and blocks around tech and writing.


I have reflected on what Richard said a few weeks back. When we have difficulty with something we want o look past it to a clear path, but in actual face we should be focusing on the thing that’s in the way and exploring that. I couldn’t agree more, and this is evidence of that.