Dear BiCon,

Thanks for your mail and apologies for the time elapsed between then and this response. We have been considering it as a team. Now that we understand your guidelines with regard to touch and consent we totally agree that neither of the proposals we have sent you so far are right for BiCon. We would still love to be involved though if it’s not too late and in fact you last mail has inspired us to start thinking about a format which would be suitable for groups where touch is not appropriate. We had intended to do this anyway and so your mail was a useful push.  

What we envisage is format where there would be some presentation of Bonobos and their behavior, then an invitation to take part in a “bonobo-brithing ritual” A kind of guided meditation where everyone will be in their own comfortable space in order to feel into their own “inner bonobo”. Emerging back into the world participants will be encouraged to playfully inhabit a bonobo alter ego but we will limit touch to self-grooming and self-massage and as bonobos begin to find tribes and develop community all communication will be without touch and will evolve into the creation of a shared language of hand genstures and non-verbal vocalizing.

Please let us know if you think this format might match with your program.

Best Wishes

Maevon and the Bonobo Experience Team.

This has shown me that we are a team. Over the time during this course I have expanded the Bonobo Experience.