Hello Katherine,

My name is Jason Hall and I am a Masters student at Central St Martins. I am designing a series of workshops that encourage social cohesion, belonging and connection. I have been running these workshops with a small team at various LGBT QIA festivals in the UK Europe and the United States. The emphasis is to emulate strategies used by The bonobo chimpanzee. Bonobo is live in a peaceful non-violent nurturing community. Through a series of workshops we explore how the neighbours can teach us to love and be more compassionate with one another. I would like to reach out in the hope that perhaps we could work together and offer this service to your clients .

I recently read an article about loneliness within the choir community and it referenced your organisation, Out and About. I would like to begin a dialogue with you about how we may be able to take this further.

Please feel free to browse our website.


Kind regards

Jason Hall