Since moving into unit three of the course I have begun to see the Bonobo experience in its entirety. I am now considering all of the workshops and grouping them into modules. The overarching theme of these workshops is to help people self reflect and consider whether they can make changes that might benefit their interaction with their community. I am less concerned about focusing directly with loneliness and isolation but see this collection of workshops of a much more holistic experience that will touch upon intimacy, belonging, connection and the like. I am prepared to take more risks and to find out where this work can really go. I have begun to do this in the recent Bonobo massage workshop, where it escalated into a sexual experience for people. This isn’t necessarily where we wanted it to go but do recognise that there is certainly a way to reach this level of intimacy through the work in quite a short period of time. People that are strangers can engage in intimacy rather quickly if the work we do enables them to feel safe and respected.