chimp pansy's and bonobo homos what happened small group of chimps testing hyerarchiy numbers higher than you where more dominant king could fall and others could seek revenge loved seeing Maevon take the bonobos though the experience.

Opening up and bringing others int has has given a new voice to the bonobo experience. The space it provided for me to see this work from a new perspective was a joy. I saw Maevon the co-facilitator really explore where he could taking the bonobo’s on order for them to feel safe to grow. It has be the best thing to widen to bonobo experience. I am no longer along after the workshop finishes.

The Chimp workshop we tested in Suffolk was really worth doing as it gave me the beginning of the machanics for this workshop. The value of Suffolk is really baring its fruits. I was able to lead the chimps in an aggressive manner, each fighting for something, winning and losing power. The numbered tokens made it all possible.