Hello Jeroen,

I saw you on a short video on the internet. It was about Bonobos Vs Chimps. I was very please to discover that you are a behavioural biologist and Bonobo specialist.

I am a student at the University of the Arts London where is am doing my masters in Applied Imagination. I am researching Bonobos and how aspects of their culture could benefit humans. Would I be able to speak with you about my project and wether you may be able to help me develop it.

Kind regards


A huge breakthrough for me, I signed up the ResearchGate a platform for connecting with researcher . This has enabled me to contact Jeroen Stevens, a specialist in Bonobos behaviour. I have found all his projects within ResearchGate. This will support my learning and understanding of Bonobos and build what i lean in to to workshops and retreats.

I am hoping i can consult him about my project as messaged him.