20th of January was a blue moon eclipse.


Today felt like the first time I was able to sit in a space of observation. I was outside my house and it happened. I first realised that my body was blind and needs both my sight and my sense of touch to make you feel safe, to triangulated time and space.


I was able to imagine a blank unseen non-influencing presence within myself. Just watching. As an extrovert it was wonderful to give myself permission not to agitate not to disrupt. Just witnessing cars going past, people, the birds, the wind truly being in the moment of the universe, the sheer wonder of it all.


I discovered this wonderful piece of philosophy or wisdom from Alan Watts. In it he talks about the space of non-influence the space of nonintervention when nothing needs to be resolved or nothing needs to be improved upon.


He talks about growth, five minutes and 40 seconds in, he talks about genius and technical ability and how to get out of one’s own way, whilst not self improving. The dynamic here is that you cannot get this by thinking and you cannot attain this by not thinking. It’s among paradox and contradiction that we are urged to be nonplussed, passive but not apathetic.


He speaks of everything being our opinion. If we believe that the book of the Bible is the word of God that is our opinion. We have to believe what the church tells is about this book being word of God. Everything is a choice and it is upon our own authority that we can question.