Bonobo meeting

 11/1/ 2019


 11 January was a big day for me. I have managed to a get studio and start creating and innovating through my art practice. This is a huge step for me, after leaving prop making I have finally found a way to redirect my creative energy away from the wasteful industry into a positive and worthwhile direction. It is in keeping with my ethics to be making work from materials that have been used before to be up cycled and repurposed.


It was also the day when the bonobo experience was able to grow. Over the years I’ve been waiting for the right group of people to help develop and grow it. Today I felt I have found a team of people who can share and build a new vision. I have acknowledged myself and to the group about my delight and reluctance to share a project that has been solely developed by me for 4 ½ years. I confessed that my ego might find the shift difficult but that I wanted to share this project because I believe to truly respect bonobo culture one has to radically share and work with others. It would seem absurd to be at the helm of  bonobo culture, I would be being a chimpanzee ruling over the bonobo.


As soon as I began talking and sharing ideas I began to feel excited and felt positive detachment from the bonobo experience that I’ve held and associated into so heavily so long. I was witnessing three other people talking and sharing their ideas. This is what I wanted for the project to enable new life whilst enabling me to step back. The dependence that this project has had over me is now being interdependent through others. I think back to the Justin campaign, another initiative I started. It was beautiful to see it grow in a way that enabled me to step back. This stepping back reassures me that it will continue, because the truth is I’m tired and lonely of being at the front of it all, all the time.


 The meeting started by discussing various festivals that we could attend. Because we are from the LGBT community we can enter into various closed spaces. For example cherish and I can go into gay and by mail spaces like the stretch festival in Berlin. Likewise Mary and taboo can go to lesbian spaces and all women spaces. This also means we can do more than one event at a time, which will be a new thing for all. We can go to be BDSM festivals, do psychedelic society events, and go to Buddhafields where we can use our queer dome structure to facilitate the bonobo experience.


We have also talked about running the bonobo plant medicine retreat. This was very exciting because we were able to develop a small test retreat that we will all attend. This will enable us to run a retreat in May for the public.


We talked about having a new website, currently the bonobo website is part of my business website. In order to ease away from it being a one person initiative Mary proposed we have a group or team website. Starting afresh felt very good sensible transition from my site to this team site. She said this would help me move into a shared mind-set and help my ego release more easily from the project. So I will be building a new site with input from the rest of the team.


We have now decided on running a monthly bonobo experience at a venue called Helios.  This will enable us to go deeper with the participants because currently we are restricted by the two-hour workshop that we run with new people. If we run a monthly workshop the same people would get to go much deeper into the work.


During September we will be hosting a retreat at the valley of sensation in Spain, this will be with myself Mary and Taboo.  This will be an opportunity to further our experience of working together in a predominantly heterosexual environment. We have found a heterosexual environment to be the most challenging of all of the various groups. And we would like to investigate this further build and better cohesion between the women participating in the workshops.


We shall also be working at various queer sexuality festivals and building a program of retreats and workshops that will be communicated through the mailing list once our new website is online.  So in essence this meeting has been very productive. I feel like it is really moved on so much just in one day.