On Thursday we packed into the Hackney Showroom for the Sexual Freedom Awards. What a inspiring night. So many people working to create a safer and more tolerant world of the sexually open. We got nominated and the Bonobos’ received some exposure. What came from this was knowing the work was important for both Bonobo’s and Humans alike.

Reflection from Sexual freedom awards

I went to the Sexual freedom awards this evening. I have been nominated for somatic sexuality practitioner. I was nervous until the nomination’s for our category was read out. 

What I have learned from sasha’s is and tonight is that when I hear someone else reading out what I write I get really inspired my my work and I find the value and the purpose it this work.

I didn’t get an award but I realised that the award would have been nice but like the Grades of a Masters it’s not what drives me. I have got to feel the work, I must be moved by it. 

I am hoping that getting into the ceramic’s studio will bring a balanced aspect to the course and give me some thing tangible to develop, as my other work in intangible, the only physical lasting result is feedback. The work happen’s in a workshop setting and then is distributed out to the attendees.

One and the same xx