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I'm Jason, some call me Bonobo. 


I am a queer artist/activist and Sexological bodyworker. I am currently Studying a Master Degree at The University of the Arts London. Through my work I am researching the effect of Bonobo behaviour on Humans. I have developed The Bonobo Experience® in order to do this.

I am passionate about sexuality, playfulness, creativity and Bonobo culture. Play is a process that helps us relate to the world in a stress free way. If we use our creativity we can confront things that are challenging, test new boundaries and discover new realms of possibility.

I am very accepting of people's desires and believe that this enables me to help others on their individual journey. 

Not only is sex an erotic phenomenon, for me sex is a means of communication.

Jason Hall

Brighton (UK)

(44)07708 236860